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Japandi Wellness Suite in Cumbria




Lake District National Park

Project Type

New Build





A Woodland Retreat with Japandi Influences

Planning Approval was received for a new wellness suite located within the private curtilage of a domestic dwelling in the heart of the Lake District National Park. The site was previously occupied by a collection of derelict garages and outbuildings which had long since served their use. Working within the original footprint of the buildings, the proposed scheme offers a tranquil retreat nestled within a woodland setting.

Inspired by Japandi influences, the proposed wooden pavilion hovers above the landscape on a slender timber podium. The structural rhythm is reflected in the articulated roof covering above, horizontally framing views through the building of the woodland beyond.

The surrounding landscape is further reflected in the choice of materiality and verticality of expression, forming a delicate addition to the natural setting. The darker cladding stands in contrast to the softer expression of the structural elements. Internally, the warmth of the wooden materiality continues, further enhancing the connection to the woodland beyond.

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