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Office Space Fit Out




Spear Building, Manchester

Project Type

New Build





Interior Concept for Small Office Space in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

The proposed office fit-out formed part of a wider mixed use scheme located in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

LIND Studio was engaged to provide a design concept that optimised the small internal footprint for office use.  The scheme proposes a birch ‘utility’ wall which populates shelving, storage and working alcoves for both seated and standing positions. Combining several functions into one linear strip allows for a flexible remaining floor plate. 

Locating the kitchenette, shower room and ancillary storage to the rear of the plan reduces visual clutter in the public facing space whilst allowing for optimal natural light to enter the picture window into the main working space.

Exposed woodcrete walls and concrete floors adds warmth and tactility to the space, complemented by bright furnishings and white painted walls for a softer Scandinavian touch.

The office seating was condensed onto a single large table to give a unified feel to the space and encouraging dialogue between co-workers.

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